Our Ongoing Complaint Re Vodafone’s Broadband Service

TDR Complaint Number: T024711

Vodafone Account: 345574

Examples of failure of Vodafone’s broadband service appear below.

For years we have experienced very poor service from Vodafone. We have complained on many occasions but the fault has never been fixed.

The fault is intermittent. We had reasonable service for a number of consecutive days late in February 2019 but on 1 March there were again problems.

We have tried three different modems.

We have tried two different computers, both connected directly to the Vodafone supplied modem via ethernet.

One of the technicians who visited our home dismissed the complaint as being a problem with wifi in the home. This, despite repeated discussions and tests with wifi disabled. It is not a wifi issue as should be clear from the videos below.

The most recent technician to visit, Sanjay(?), was far more engaged and investigated more fully. Unfortunately changes he made have not resulted in any improvement.

Overuse has been blamed. This, I think, can also be dismissed as it is clear one cannot overuse a service that does not operate - i.e. there are occasions, for example Friday 1 March, when there was no service at all for quite a number of hours.

Our neighbours have told us of similar problems. I understand their usage is relatively light.

Some of our correspondence with Vodafone can be viewed here.

Samples of recent accounts can be viewed here. We have been with Vodafone/TelstraClear for many years.

As already stated, we have had poor service for years. The difference is that on this occasion we intend to do whatever we can to ensure this complaint is not again ignored or dismissed. This is 2019. Modest reliable service ought to be possible.

I know from experience that reliable service to this particular property is possible. About 10 years ago I was able to regularly send large photographic files to Australia. The service was at that time reliable.

We lose many hours of productivity almost every week.

Recently, Sanjay suggested that instead of restarting the modem we should try restarting the device. We tried this but it gave no improvement (see video 190314 below).

Perry Trotter 0211418811 perry [at] perrytrotter.com