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I have been photographing weddings since 2003.

Though I have photographed hundreds of weddings, I have never lost the special sense that I am being invited to share a couple’s most important day - and entrusted with the awesome task of capturing the moments they will cherish.

Crafting beautiful and classic images is one of the things I enjoy most about weddings. I think it is important that I am unobtrusive at a wedding and I make it a priority to help the couple relax and enjoy their day.

My other photography work has been shown in galleries and museums throughout New Zealand. My most recent exhibition has received an invitation to be staged in Europe by JFF Zagreb, the President of which is the two time Academy Award winning producer of Schindlers List and Gladiator.

The greatest recommendation for my wedding work are the dozens of testimonies from past clients. Please take the time to read a few.

Feel free to call, or, if you prefer, be in touch via the contact form.

You might enjoy some of my recollections from past weddings.

Perry Trotter

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