Perry Trotter has been a specialist wedding photographer since 2003, previously working as a producer and composer. He is also the creator of the Shadows of Shoah Exhibition, a highly acclaimed multidisciplinary Holocaust exhibition, opened by PM John Key at an official UNIHRD event in 2013 and currently touring museums, galleries and educational institutions.

Zahn Trotter has been involved in weddings for over 6 years. He created Auckland Weddings in 2013 to showcase Auckland’s best wedding vendors and make the wedding planning process easier for couples. He has been performing at countless wedding receptions with Whitewash since 2009. For the past few years, photography has been his primary creative focus, and his style has been described as bold, moving, and epic.

Shadows of Shoah – Perry’s highly acclaimed Holocaust survivor exhibition.
Peace Like a River – one of Perry’s albums available on Spotify and iTunes.
Auckland Weddings – a showcase of Auckland’s best wedding vendors.
Whitewash – covers band specialising in wedding receptions.
Wellington Weddings – a showcase of Wellington’s finest wedding vendors.